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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor estimates that 85,000 people are injured annually on the job in our state. In PA, you are covered by worker's compensation from the first day of work and through the duration of your employment. This entitles you to receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages when you suffer a work-related injury or contract a disease which is caused or aggravated by the work you perform. Survivors of someone who has died in a work-related accident may also be entitled to benefits.

Please contact the Scranton worker's compensation lawyers of Munley, Munley & Cartwright with your claim questions. We have served the people of Scranton and Pennsylvania for more than 40 years and we understand the intricate state laws surrounding worker's compensation. We can use our vast experience and resources to help you.

Workers injured while on the job in Pennsylvania are entitled to certain rights under the law. Generally this includes medical care and benefits which serve as compensation for lost income from permanent or temporary disabilities.

To receive worker's compensation benefits, you must inform your employer that you were injured while working. You must also inform your employer of the exact date and location of the injury.

When dealing with any aspect of worker's compensation, acting in a timely manner is one of the most important steps you can take. You have only 120 days to inform your employer of any injury / illness that took place. If your case involves an occupational disease, the disability must occur within 300 weeks from the date of the last employment in an occupation where you had exposure. If your claim is denied by either your employer or the insurer, then you have three years from the date of injury to file a Claim Petition for a hearing by a worker's compensation judge. Based on the information presented at the hearing, the judge will make a determination regarding your eligibility to receive worker's compensation benefits. If your benefits were terminated, you may file a Petition to reinstate your benefits within three years after the date of your most recent worker's compensation check. If your benefits were suspended, you may file a Petition to have them resumed within 500 weeks from the date of suspension. Be aware that payment of medical benefits does not mean that your claim has been accepted or re-opened.

When seeking medical treatment for your work-related injury or illness, you must find out if your employer maintains a list of physicians or healthcare providers. If the employer has a list of doctors, then you are required to visit one of them for initial treatment. It is required by law that your continuing treatment be from a doctor on the provided list for up to 90 days. If invasive surgery is prescribed, you have the right to a second opinion to be paid for by your employer / insurer. Treatment based on the second opinion must come from a list provider for 90 days. After the 90-day period, and in cases where your employer has no list of healthcare providers, you may select a physician of your choice that is deemed reasonable. You are required to notify your employer of the provider you have selected. Your employer is not required to pay for any treatment by the provider until they are notified.

If you are injured at work, immediately seek counsel from an experienced Scranton worker's compensation attorney. We often see people who are too trusting of representatives of business or insurance companies. Worker's compensation can be expensive and many times the representatives place too much emphasis on cutting costs. When dealing with worker's compensation issues, you need someone who has your best interests in mind. The PA worker's compensation lawyers of Munley, Munley, & Cartwright have served the workers of Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. We would be happy to offer you a free consultation with absolutely no obligation. Contact us by calling (800) 318-LAW1 or submit our online form.

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