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Motor vehicle accidents are among the top ranking personal injury accidents in the country -- and also among the most devastating. Often the injuries sustained in an automobile accident place the victim in a position of near helplessness. On top of their injuries, car accident victims are faced with current and future medical bills, repair costs, loss of wages, and the welfare of their families. If you find yourself in this situation, it is crucial that you contact a qualified Scranton auto accident lawyer who can handle your case. Competent legal help that protects your legal rights can provide you with peace of mind and stability in your daily life.

Under Pennsylvania’s laws, if you have been injured in a car crash that was caused by another person’s carelessness or recklessness, you may be entitled to recover damages that include medical costs, property loss, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Please call Munley, Munley & Cartwright’s Scranton auto accident lawyers for a free assessment of your case. Our attorneys have been serving the people of Scranton and the entire state of Pennsylvania for more than 40 years, and we understand the state’s complex personal injury and automobile accident laws.

In the event of a car wreck, you should always be thoroughly examined by a doctor. Seemingly minor injures often develop into major health problems such as connective-tissue injury. Just because you do not have any cuts, bruises, or broken bones does not mean you have not suffered a long-term injury. The responsibility for payment of medical bills and other damages rests on the shoulders of the at-fault party’s insurance company.

As a business, insurance companies are concerned with limiting their payout. While the insurance company may present what looks like an attractive settlement offer, it is vital that you speak with a skilled Scranton car accident attorney before you enter into discussions.

The Munley, Munley & Cartwright firm has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and handling car crash claims in Scranton and throughout PA. We are familiar with all of the techniques that the insurance companies may use to influence you to settle quickly and for less compensation. Insurance companies have a team of investigators, adjustors, agents and legal help to protect them. As the car accident victim, you need your own team of legal experts to protect you.

Pennsylvania automobile accident victims and survivors may sue for damages from the operator(s) of the other motor vehicle(s) involved when one of the following criteria is met:

  • Medical expenses equal or exceed $2,000;
  • A bone is fractured;
  • A limb has been lost;
  • One or more of the senses such as sight, taste, hearing or smell has been lost;
  • The victim has suffered a permanent and serious disfigurement; or
  • The victim has died.

If the person responsible for your injuries does not have insurance coverage, or their coverage does not sufficiently compensate you for your damages, you may be entitled to collect uninsured or underinsured benefits from your own insurance carrier.

In most auto accidents, negligence is the key factor. Negligence occurs when a vehicle operator fails to exercise due care, resulting in an accident that causes injury or death. Our lawyers are experienced in demonstrating negligence by preparing the proper documentation, interviewing witnesses and presenting a case that meets the criteria for negligence established by Pennsylvania law. If the collision was caused by a vehicle defect, you may also be eligible to receive damages from the manufacturer and/or supplier.

Due to the complexities involved in automobile accident cases, it is important that you act quickly and contact Scranton car accident attorney with any questions or issues. Proving negligence takes an investment of time, experience, and resources. Those are advantages that only a qualified attorney can provide. Whether we’re gathering evidence, giving advice, or talking with insurance companies, we are always your representative. If you, or someone you love, have been injured in a car crash, please contact the auto accident attorneys of Munley, Munley & Cartwright for a free consultation. We can be reached by calling (800) 318-LAW1 or by completing our online form.

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